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What we believe

Diversity is extremely important in the legal industry and we must appreciate talent regardless of background. A person’s gender, race, religion, ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation and age should not be taken into account when selecting candidates for jobs in law.

What we do

Our articles are designed to give you an insight into the experiences of diverse individuals themselves. We also host events and invite guest speakers who come from a range of backgrounds. At these event, we discuss various topics like how to make successful training contract applicatons and what candidates can do to make themselves stand out. 

Why we do this

We don’t want any money out of this. We just want to raise awareness and promote diversity in the legal industry. We want to show you the real figures so we can see whether things are really improving. It’s that simple. 



Want to work with us?

We want to work with you too. Become a content writer or a journalist and have your say. If you’re a school or organisation and want to collaborate with us, we’re eager to hear from you.

Email us at info@legaldiversity.org

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