Meet Us

Iqra Ali  (Founder)

Iqra is a paralegal at IPG DXTRA. She studied LLB (Hons) Law at the University of Exeter and completed the LPC at the University of Law. Iqra wants to practice as a commercial solicitor in the City of London. It was during her LPC, August 2020, when she considered building a not-for-profit platform for diverse students who wanted a foot in the legal door. She wanted to provide students with a catalyst for positive change in the legal industry.

“No matter who you are, where you’re from and what your beliefs are, the legal industry must have a place for you. Together, we will make the changes we want to see.” ~ Iqra Ali, 2020

Jaydon Souter  (Head of People)

Jaydon is currently a third year student at the University of Liverpool studying Law. Since his journey into non-profit organisations, he has been involved in the recruitment, training and personnel management to help grow the organisations. Jaydon currently volunteers at The Legal Amity and is a mentor for students with an aim to go into law.

Diversity being important, Jaydon wishes to help build Legal Diversity by recruiting dedicated individuals to promote growth, success, and encouragement to make the industry more accessible.

Zainab Hassan (Head of Operations) 

Zainab is a Trainee Solicitor at a London-based law firm. Having studied the LPC part-time, she worked at The Law Society, attending board meetings and sitting on the Employee Forum. Zainab is currently an Editor at The Student Lawyer.

Reflecting on her own journey, Zainab aspires to be part of the proactive conversations to increase diversity in the legal industry. In particular, she is interested in advocating the importance of embracing your uniqueness, which makes you stand out amongst others. She currently mentors several ethnic minority undergraduate students and shares her insight and advice on her blog (@zaiblogs_)

Benesha Benny (Senior Editor)

Benesha is a second-year student at Lancaster University studying Law (Clinical Learning) LLB (Hons). She currently volunteers weekly at Citizens Advice, and is the Legal Counsellor at Purifiq, a student-led sustainability start-up. As the first in her family to study law at university, she wishes to help break down barriers for students and encourage diversity by raising awareness of systematic disadvantage. This drove her to become the Administrative Assistant at FirstGens, a social mobility organisation, as she believes that our differences should be celebrated and not presented with hurdles.

Ameya Gujral  (Communications Manager)

Ameya is currently a paralegal at Venters Solicitors. She studied LLB (Hons) Law at the University of Birmingham and completed her LPC at the University of Law in 2020. During her degree she gained expertise managing social media platforms and creating innovative solutions from running her own radio show, which focused on diversity issues amongst students in the UK. This sparked her personal ambition to boost diversity in the legal sector and improve accessibility for disadvantaged groups.